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Pathways out of Poverty: Tools for Value Chain Development Practitioners


This toolkit aims to equip value chain development programmers to design effective interventions that reach and impact the very poor. It profiles tools that are particularly applicable in the value chain selection and value chain analysis phases of a project, as well as assessment tools that can be used throughout the project cycle. Many tools are used by value chain development practitioners to guide value chain selection 4 and value chain analysis,5 of which several focus on understanding and benefiting particular populations. 

However, these tools are not currently designed for explicit application with the very poor. Likewise, there are many highly specialized analytical and assessment tools commonly used by those who explicitly target the very poor through, for example, livelihoods development, social protection, or humanitarian relief programming. Although this is changing, these fields of development practice have traditionally operated separately from each other. As a result, there is a limited awareness within the value chain development community of these rich tools and resources, and limited capacity to adapt and apply the tools for use in the value chain development context. This toolkit seeks to address these gaps.

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