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Review of gender and value chain analysis, development and evaluation toolkits


Included in the Annex of a literature review on gender and value chain toolkits, this rapid assessment tool for gender and crop value chains has been developed to collect basic data on men and women’s involvement in crop value chains, their roles and constraints and existing opportunities for promoting gender equality through value chain development. Information from the tool is meant to provide a rough assessment of what kinds of interventions would improve benefits of value chain development to men and women farmers. The tool should be complimented with more detailed and representative data through use of other tools and methods. The tool is divided into 2 broad sections (i) for collecting data from farmers, farmer groups or other farmer organizations (ii) for collecting information from other actors including traders, service providers and institutional actors. This tool can be used to collect data from individual farmers if the questions are modified to suit an individual interview. To effectively administer the tool, two persons, a moderator and a note-taker need to lead the group discussion.

Photo credit: FAO

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