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Smallholders and Inclusive Growth in Agricultural Value Chains


This paper investigates inclusive growth in agricultural value chains, with a focus on smallholder participation, upgrading behavior, and outcomes related to agricultural productivity, agricultural profits, and smallholder incomes. The purpose of the paper is to advance understanding of inclusive growth by reviewing empirical evidence from twelve agricultural value chains that have engaged and benefited smallholders. The review of evidence focuses on three central questions:

1. Inclusion: To what extent have smallholders participated in agricultural value chain projects? What are the different types of project outreach to smallholders?
2. Upgrading: Have smallholders been willing and able to add value by upgrading? What kinds of productivity effects have been observed under what conditions?
3. Benefits: Are smallholders able to capture some of the additional value that they create through upgrading? Do smallholders and their households receive income benefits from their participation and upgrading investments?

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